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International Students

A group of students posing for the camera atop the tower of Rish Rhees Library.

Global university

The world at Rochester

The University of Rochester prides itself on being a global institution. We’re home to more than 4,800 international students and scholars from around the globe. As a Rochester student, you’ll join a welcoming and diverse community that embraces students from all backgrounds and more than 120 different countries.

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Who is considered an international student?

You are considered an international student if you are not a United States citizen or a permanent resident.

Note: Undocumented or DACA students (sometimes known as “Dreamers”) should follow the application process for domestic (non-international) applicants to the University of Rochester.

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Applying as an international student

To become an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester in Arts, Sciences & Engineering, you must apply either as a first-year or a transfer applicant.

If you’re interested in studying solely at the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music for a bachelor of music degree, you must apply directly through the Eastman School application and should not submit either the Common Application or Coalition for College Application.

First-year applicants

The following required materials must be submitted to us directly by your school, testing site, or family member, depending on the document:

You can also sign up for an interview (highly recommended) and/or submit the following optional materials:

Combined degree programs allow you to fast-track your master’s or other advanced degree, or enroll in multiple University of Rochester schools at once.

There is no separate application supplement for any of the combined degree programs.

To be considered for one of these programs, indicate the program you’re applying for in the application portal you’ve chosen. Counselors will consider your entire application along with any additional supporting materials (e.g., transcripts, recommendations, etc.).

International transfer students

The following required materials must be submitted to us directly by your school, testing site, or family member, depending on the document:

*If you have completed at least one year of full-time college coursework, you may request this item to be waived after applying. 

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Scholarships and financial aid

We understand that there are numerous factors that may affect a student’s ability to pay for their college education. In some cases, the University will work with students and their families to identify available financial resources to make it possible for the student to attend.

During the application process, international applicants are required to demonstrate they have the financial means (either through private funds or sponsorship) to attend the University of Rochester. The documentation you must submit will depend on whether or not you require need-based financial aid.

Applicants who are able to meet the full cost of attendance must submit a completed International Financial Support Form (IFSF) with their application for admission.

  • Your application will remain incomplete without a completed IFSF on file.
  • Acceptable sources of funding are listed on the IFSF.
  • Applicants securing funding from their government, a private sponsor, or other source of funding not listed on IFSF should submit a copy of a sponsor letter as supporting documentation.

Questions about this form can be directed to

If you are unable to meet the full cost of attendance for Rochester without need-based aid or sponsorship from the University, you must submit the CSS Profile.

The CSS Profile is used to determine your potential eligibility for need-based University of Rochester grant funding and must be completed each year of attendance. Due to limited resources, only a small number of international applicants will qualify for need-based financial aid from the University.

Applicants unable to secure the needed funding to cover the cost of attendance either through private funds or sponsorship cannot be admitted to the University.

All applicants, regardless of citizenship, are considered for merit scholarships. No additional documentation is required to compete for a merit scholarship. Since merit scholarships are awarded independent of a student’s need, you must still submit the appropriate documents with your application as described above to complete your application for admission.

English language exams

If your native language is not English and you completed your secondary or higher education in a non-native English speaking country, you must take the Duolingo English TestTOEFL, or IELTS to demonstrate English language proficiency.

Students choosing to submit TOEFL scores can only submit results from the TOEFL iBT or Paper-Delivered Test administered at proctored test locations. The University of Rochester is not accepting results from the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition Test or the TOEFL ITP Assessment.

Exam Recommended score
Duolingo English Test 120
TOEFL iBT or Paper-Delivered Test 100

Admission to the University of Rochester is based on a holistic review process. Applicants whose test scores fall outside of the ranges displayed above are still encouraged to apply. If we evaluate your English proficiency to be at a level that would benefit from additional support to succeed at Rochester, you may gain admission through the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAPP).

EAPP is a two-semester program that gives students additional time to focus on critical reading, reasoning, writing, and research skills. Students in EAPP begin coursework for their Rochester degree and EAPP in their first semester. Applicants to Rochester cannot apply directly to EAPP.

TOEFL school code

Use school code 2928 to have ETS send your TOEFL results to the University of Rochester.

Requests to waive English proficiency exams

You can submit an English Proficiency Waiver Request if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You are a native speaker of English.
  • You completed at least three years of high school where English was the primary language of instruction.
  • You are a transfer applicant who has completed a year or more of college-level courses taught in the United States, including at least one writing-intensive course.

Waiver requests will be reviewed after the submission of an application and transcript. If approved, your application status will automatically be updated. International applicants must submit English proficiency exam scores or request a waiver by their application deadline.

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