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How to Apply

Be a Yellowjacket

We invite you—the curious, the capable, and the engaged—to apply to our diverse and talented community of changemakers and innovators.

Our promise to you is a holistic, integrated review of your unique academic ability, extracurricular engagement, and ethical character. We strive to admit students who’ll work to make each other, the University, and the world ever better.


Rochester’s quest for Meliora

As one of the world’s leading research universities, Rochester’s mission is to help our students and scholars learn, discover, heal, create, and make the world ever better. Embedded in that ideal are the values we share: equity, leadership, integrity, openness, respect, and accountability.

What we look for in a Yellowjacket

As a charter member of the Character Collaborative, we evaluate applicants within the unique context of their environment and their opportunities inside and outside of school. Highly trained admission professionals assess their academic achievement, extracurricular engagement, and ethical character, in order to admit a diverse group of students who will work to make each other, the University, and the world ever better in alignment with Rochester’s mission and values.

Our holistic review process for undergraduate applicants includes, but intentionally goes beyond, numerical representations of academic performance, though we certainly expect strong performance in challenging academic coursework. We hope to understand much more about each applicant than simply their grades and standardized test scores. The students for whom Rochester is the best fit are driven by their intellectual curiosity and seek out opportunities for growth.

Our admission criteria connect directly to our students’ undergraduate experiences and outcomes through the College Competencies, Rochester’s framework for students to tell their story and serve as leaders in our shared future. They were created to ensure Rochester students are prepared with the skills employers and society seek in 21st Century college graduates.

Show us who you are

We value the individuality of our students and the ways they have already, or intend to customize their educational experiences to explore broadly AND dig deeply into specific academic areas. As students prepare to apply or interview for admission, we encourage them to consider the following:

  • What are you interested in?
  • What makes you interesting?
  • What are your values?
  • How have you improved yourself and your community?
  • How will you make the world better?


Legal name and preferred name

The Office of Admissions collects both legal and preferred name. Please note that the default name for all communication from the Office of Admissions is preferred name, which includes email, print letters, communication to parents/caregivers, and the MyROC student admissions portal. Should students be admitted and choose to enroll at the University of Rochester, the preferred name will be used on class rosters and many internal resources, while all legal documents (including transcripts and financial aid documents) will use legal name only.

Supplemental Essay Prompt for 2024-25 Application Cycle

This must be completed as part of the application process. 

The University of Rochester benefactor, entrepreneur, photography pioneer and philanthropist George Eastman said, “The progress of the world depends almost entirely upon education.” In what ways do you envision using the curricular flexibility and co-curricular opportunities at the University of Rochester to promote progress and change within the communities you inhabit? (250 word limit)

Check your application status

Once you have submitted your application, use MyROC, our online undergraduate admissions portal, to monitor your application status, upload materials, see admissions decisions, get merit scholarship notifications, and more.

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