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Pre-college students are introduced to their class locations during the Welcome & Orientation Session the Sunday before their classes begin by the Pre-College Programs staff. During the programs, students are free to walk around campus on their own. They may visit the libraries, dining center, Wilson Commons, Starbucks, and may other community spaces on campus in between their classes.

Students are not allowed to leave campus without the supervision of a Pre-College Programs staff member. Students living in the residence halls are supervised by our pre-college residential leadership staff, who are current University of Rochester students. Residential students observe a nightly curfew and check-in process. Evening and off-campus activities are also supervised by the Pre-College Programs staff.

Getting Lost

We provide a campus map with class locations during the check in process, on our website, and through emails sent to students and parents. We recommend that you keep the Office of Pre-College Programs’ phone number, (585) 275-3221, programmed into your cell phone in case you get lost. You can also download the “UR Mobile” app, which is a great resource to stay up to date on campus events, maps, parking, dining, and more!

It is important that you always wear your lanyard and name tag so that staff members can identify you as being part of the program.

Safety Protocol

The Department of Public Safety is located on campus at 612 Wilson Blvd. Public safety can be reached at any time at (585) 275-3333, by dialing 13 from any campus phone, by dialing #413 from any AT&T or Verizon phone, or simply picking up a blue light emergency phone, an extensive network of over 500 interior and exterior public-access telephones that immediately contact security services.

If you become sick during class, notify your instructor so they can contact our office. We will then contact your parent, guardian, or emergency contact designee to come pick you up if you live locally. If you are a residential student and you become sick, notify your Pre-College Program residential staff member or health assistant immediately, so we can make sure necessary steps are taken.

The University will provide accommodations to assist disabled students. If you are seeking assistance, please contact the Office of Pre-College Programs in advance to be assured of accommodations upon your arrival on campus.

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