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Business Bootcamp: Innovation Management (Full Day Intensive)

Residential only  |  11th & 12th graders  |  July 11 – 28, 2023

This dynamic three-week experience has been carefully crafted to optimize exposure into the wide field around “The Development of New Ideas.” New ideas are at the core of every business’s health. Within a highly-experiential curriculum, students will learn and test-out business tools that generate, screen, prioritize, and improve raw concepts into feasible business cases. Such leadership skills are critical in any setting; from social improvements and not-for-profit endeavors to classic garage start-ups, struggling small companies and behemoth corporations.

The Development of New Ideas” program is comprised of these major elements:

Innovation management at the concept stage: Fundamental strategies and tools that steer the direction of an organization and help prioritize the types of ideas and concepts that gain critical attention and funding.

Corporate marketing and new product development: Rapid-fire mini-lectures with in-class assignments to teach the fundamentals of segmentation, channels, branding, and the “development” of a new product using the Business Model Canvas template.

Design thinking: Through an actual project assignment, teams will get their hands dirty learning and using the human-centric creative problem-solving attitude of user-interviews, quick prototypes, demos and presentations.

Business simulation: Offers students the chance to experience the excitement of running a simulated marketing department as they compete for customers and profits!

Local business tours: Interactive field trips which span business maturity levels from student incubator, to startup, to small business, to large corporation.

Business clubs: Our program has a variety of required and optional after-hours homework projects and business club activities to keep you engaged and encourage you to and test what you are learning, including YORI™ Club (Your Own Real Idea): where students, guided by course teachings, a workbook and a mentor, investigate and probe their own ideas for businesses and products.

Instructors: Mark Wilson and Simon Business School Faculty

Introduction to Business

9-12th graders  |  Session B  |  8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Thinking of majoring in business? A business degree can be beneficial in nearly every industry and open the door to many different career paths. This course will examine different business principles like accounting, analytics, finance, entrepreneurship, information systems, and marketing.

Instructors: TBD : Simon Business School 

The Basics of Investments and Careers in Finance

9-12th graders  |  Session B  |  8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

This class introduces the many disciplines of finance, what to expect during academic training at a university level, and potential career paths.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an investment banker, a financial advisor, or a private equity, hedge fund, or real estate investor? Examine the pros and cons of various career paths within the world of finance. Learn about different types of investments, build your own hypothetical investment portfolio, speak with professionals in the industry, and more.

This class will also introduce several aspects of personal finance (things we wish we thought about when entering college).

Instructor: Rob Rahbari, Senior Investment Officer,  Investment Office.

Language and Advertising

9-12th graders  |  Session B  |  1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

This course examines how advertisers use language to sell products and how it affects our perception of the products and ourselves. This course will appeal to those who are curious about the central role language plays in the art of persuasion. The course touches upon the structure of language only insofar as it is relevant for understanding advertising as a form of social action. The acquired linguistic tools will help us to understand how commercial messages achieve their effect in business, culture, or even grass roots movements.

Instructor: Solveiga Armoskaite, professor, Writing, Speaking, and Argument

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