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RICE CREW: Peace Sign for Second Place!

 Rice Crew

This past semester, my dance crew (Rice Crew) got second place in Delta Upsilon's 2nd Annual Dance 4 Charity! This friendly competition with 10 University of Rochester dance groups raised over $1,100 this year, and the proceeds are going to the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester. The Ballet Performance Group (BPG) got first place and Louvre Performance Ensemble got third place.

You can check out DU's Dance 4 Charity promotion video here.

DU Dance 4 Charity 2nd-place trophy

DU's Dance 4 Charity started in 2010 with incredible success. Last year, there were about 300 people who attended and over $1,800 was sent to the Foundation for Peace Haiti Disaster Relief Fund. Moreover, Delta Upsilon won an award from Fraternity & Sorority Affairs for Best Program.

This year, the charity event was right before final exams, on December 9. It was a challenge to squeeze in practice time when I had three papers due, but I managed to pull it off by sacrificing my slumber for a couple of days. I think the dancing actually helped me cope with my writer's block, because whenever I got back from practice, I figured out how to transition to my next paragraph or found the exact word I needed for my sentence.

Rice Crew @ Crab Shack

After the performance, we celebrated our hard work at The Crab Shack. The extra protein and sodium helped us recover from all kinds of soreness. We were so famished that when the crabs arrived, the entire table became silent. (Mmm . . . Butter sauce . . .)

Check out Rice Crew's videos from DU's Dance 4 Charity 2011:


Rice Crew's performance (Our dance was a remix of Korean pop dances. Music featured, in order: SNSD's "Run Devil Run," Jang Woohyuk's "Time is Over," Hyori's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," BoA's "Eat You Up.")

I'm looking forward to more dance performances next semester!

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