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Mental health resources at Rochester

I want to emphasize that it’s completely normal to face challenges and to not feel okay at times. There are various stressors that you may encounter during your college years, including academic pressures, mental health concerns, and personal issues. As winter approaches and the snow slowly creeps in, it’s only natural for us to feel gloomy and blue. It’s totally okay to feel this way, I would love to share some resources available at the University of Rochester that can offer support to help you navigate. 


The University Counselling Center (UCC) offers mental health support for full-time students who are covered by the mandatory health fee at the University of Rochester. Once you reach out to them, they will conduct an initial assessment and create a personalized treatment plan for you. Treatment recommendations may include brief therapy, group therapy, workshops, referrals to community providers, case management services, psychiatry, and other campus resources. UCC is a confidential resource and they provide students with support as needed.

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The Mindful University Project, led by the UHS Health Promotion Office, is a campus-wide initiative dedicated to cultivating a culture of mindful presence and compassion. It helps to enhance mental well-being, promote academic flourishing, increase resilience to stress, and reduce levels of anxiety and depression. They offer 4-week classes, drop-in meditation sittings, half-day silent retreats, and contemplative practices including yoga and walking meditation. They provide a safe and inclusive space for students, staff, and faculty. We also have a yoga club on campus which helps students practice mindfulness in addition to this project.

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The CARE Network at the University of Rochester is a dedicated support system designed to identify and assist students facing challenges. Anyone can submit a CARE referral for either themselves or a friend or colleague. Upon submission, the CARE Network reaches out to the student through email and prompts them to meet for support. It is important to note that CARE Network is not confidential. In some cases, mandatory meetings may be required for higher-level concerns. The main goal of this is to create a compassionate and responsive community where every student receives the support they need, acknowledging the fact that sometimes it’s hard to reach out for help themselves.

Learn more about the CARE Network


At the interfaith chapel, we have chaplains of different religious backgrounds who can help anyone who needs mental help through religious guidance. They also hold meditation and yoga events at the chapel, as well as a therapy dog named Sasha who helps students by being adorable and providing free cuddles!

Learn more about the Interfaith Chapel

UCC has collaborated with ThrivingCampus to help in the process of finding off-campus therapists for students. Students can access a list of licensed mental health clinicians in various states and personally choose their own therapists. Students can also schedule an initial assessment with one of the center’s therapists for additional assistance. UCC also provides free transportation in the form of Lyft passes for students to access off-campus mental health care. 

Remember, you’re not alone, and seeking help is a positive step towards well-being! Take care of yourselves, Yellowjackets!

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