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Meet Tamuda

Meet a Handler Scholar!

Name: Tamuda Chimhanda (he/him)

What are you studying at Rochester? Computer Science

From: Zimbabwe

Extracurricular Activities: National Society for Black Engineers

How has the Handler Scholarship impacted your life?

It has allowed me to fully immerse myself in all that the University of Rochester has to offer without being worried about finances. There is less pressure to follow a specific path that will “pay back” rather, I can experiment as much as I can. Additionally, the support community is just amazing. Really, it’s an honor to be part of this exceptional family.

What are your plans after Rochester?

I want to continue building my startup, Penpal, while working as a Product Manager at one of the big tech companies.

What has been your most meaningful experience as a Handler Scholar?

Just the level of brilliance among the scholars. Whenever I am stuck, there is almost always a Handler Scholar that knows one way out. If not a scholar, certainly one of the Handler Advisors.

What does Meliora mean to you?

It means Magis or more. Pushes me to stay hungry even if I feel like I have done my best. There is always room for improvement.


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