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Meet me at…Wilson Commons!

At the University of Rochester, Wilson Commons is one of the main sites of the student union; a place to meet up with friends, catch a meal, and relax.

Wilson Commons is home to The Common Market, Rocky’s Sub Shop & Lounge, and The Pit. The Common Market has a vast selection of candy and goodies that will satisfy any sweet tooth. From the classic milk chocolate Hershey bar to Sour Pouch Kids to yogurt covered pretzels to dried peaches, The Common Market has it all. Rocky’s Sub Shop & Lounge, in my opinion, can be the best food option offered on campus! They can make you a homemade sub or wrap, and along with a bag of chips and/or a piece of fruit, the perfect meal is complete. Rocky’s is also a place to relax and have fun. There are multiple televisions that play shows and movies, enough board games and card games to satisfy any game lover, and a pool table.

Aside from food, Wilson Commons is home to many different services offered to UR students. The Common Connection is not only a place to store/retrieve lost and found items, but also a place to get general information about events and directions and approve flyers to distribute around Wilson Commons. There is also the Graphics Arts center on the first floor of Wilson Commons that can help with designs for flyers, shirts, stickers, and much more. ROC Tix is also a service that allows students to buy tickets to local and off campus events such as concerts, sports, or film festivals. Take advantage of this service at the Common Market as well!

On the second floor of Wilson Commons, there is the Hirst Lounge, which hosts plenty of events such as dance performances, cultural fairs, and job/internship fairs. (There are frequently many free giveaways, food, and activities that occur at the Hirst Lounge.) There is also the Harnett Gallery that is a student supported art gallery that showcases 5-7 different exhibitions each year. Check it out!

Study spaces
On the third floor of Wilson Commons is home to our very own Starbucks! Not only are the seasonal and classical Starbucks selections available, but there are also many lounge chairs and tables for students to study, relax, or talk with friends. Occasionally, there are also live music playing here! Recently, Starbucks was remodeled to a brighter and more open space for students to mingle and study. In my opinion, the remodeling of Starbucks has truly allowed students to take full advantage of the space. Starbucks’ convenient location on the third floor is also where the tunnel system is connected for students to get to most of the other academic buildings without actually stepping foot outside.

The fourth floor is home to the Bridge Lounge, which not only has a great view but also an open, clean study space to add to all of the other study spaces available on campus. The fourth floor study spaces allow students to study at either a traditional table and high chair, narrower side tables, or small desks with individually placed sofa chairs. The fifth floor of Wilson Commons houses numerous meeting rooms and offices.

Job opportunities
What more can Wilson Commons offer? Student Employment! Look on JobLink to apply for a variety of jobs at Wilson Commons; from a barista at Starbucks to working at the Common Market, you might find your dream on-campus job!

Wilson Commons is the student union hub, where many opportunities are offered. Make sure to visit and take advantage of the many opportunities here!

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