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And the Curtains Close…

So, that is it! Greece Olympia’s Once Upon A Mattress is over. It was a hard three months of rehearsals and work, but it definitely paid off. We were told by teachers, alumni, and the community that this production was the best that Olympia’s stage has ever seen. I personally just can’t believe it is over. It seemed to go by so fast, and it is really sad that I will never be on that stage performing again. I will miss it, the cast, and the directors. I really hope next year I will be able to continue theatre. It won’t be the same, but that is part of the fun. It is a different experience every time.

It is a tradition of Olympia’s cast to run off the stage as soon as the curtains close after bows, scream across the parking lot, and race into the commons area where we wait for the audience to come see us all. This year was no different. After our last show, the laughter, the cries, the screams, and the tears all poured out of our bodies. For the senior class, this was an amazing experience. We are graduating with much of the school’s talent and leaving a legacy of our last and best show. I am very satisfied with our shows, since they were so amazing, but I am sad that it is over. But it is a strange feeling; it is a happy sad. I know that probably makes no sense, but listen. We gave the shows of our lives after all our hard work. We lived it to the fullest. There is still more schoolwork to be done, and more big events to come. So yes, it will be hard to be nostalgic about this year’s musical, but it was worth every second.

If you all remember, I mentioned before that, because of tech week, I was very busy and even a little behind. Well, life is normal again, true. But it is still busy. April is another eventful month. I have a vocal competition for musical theatre, a NYSSMA solo competition, a coffeehouse fundraiser for my school, and the biggest event all year, the music trip. Lots of singing to be done. The music trip consists of a competition too, and for me that includes symphonic band, select choir, and Jukevox. But that is all worth it, because it is at Virginia Beach this year. =D

Another very exciting thing about April is the SOC events at the University of Rochester! I hope many ED students and other accepted students are planning to come up for them. I am going to two of them, actually; one with my grandma (who is almost as excited as I am for my attendance at Rochester), and another with my friend. Plus, I’m going to the Arts at Rochester program too. I REALLY hope lots of “acceptees” interested in the arts are planning on attending that. It sounds like a blast, and a great way to meet future classmates. I am excited for every open campus event, and I can’t wait to attend them! So hopefully I get to see and meet more of the Class of 2015 very soon!!

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