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You’re Invited! Overnight Hosting at Rochester

Last year I had the pleasure of hosting a high school senior named Emma on campus. She spent a Wednesday night and Thursday morning with me to get a feel for college life at the University of Rochester. We tried our best to check out the details of our campus while also experiencing a “normal” night at college. If you’re a prospective student interested in this opportunity, I answer some basic questions below:

Students between classes in the George Eastman Quad on the University of Rochester's River Campus

Who can be hosted overnight?

Any high school senior hoping to delve deeper into experiencing the University of Rochester can be hosted at Rochester. An upperclassman will meet up with you that evening to show you around. Admissions does their best to match you with a host who shares your interests.

What can I expect?

Your experience will vary depending on who your host is and what they participate in on campus. In general, you can expect to eat in a dining hall, attend campus events and activities, and spend a single night in student housing. For Emma and me, we went on a bunch of adventures across campus. Some were tailored to Emma’s interests and others were part of my daily routine:

  • Dinner at Douglass Dining Hall (I had to show off the allergen-free station)
  • Tour of the tunnel system (Murals and graffiti!)
  • Hartnett Gallery viewing
  • Music & Art library studying
  • Exploring the stacks of Rush Rhees (specifically the language section on Floor B, taking the creepy elevator!)
  • Pride Network meeting
  • Hanging out with my suite mates (Emma got to ask lots of questions of my friends, who knew answers from personal experience! For example, she learned about research labs, campus job opportunities, and voice lessons at Eastman.)
  • Sleep over! (Bring a sleeping bag and pillow.)
  • Waking up to the first snow of the semester!
  • Philosophy class (PHL 228: Public Health Ethics)

Why should I take advantage of this opportunity?

I asked Emma what motivated her to visit for the night. She explained that she had a great time taking a campus tour on a previous visit. She thought, “The next step might be to get a new perspective on the school and experience life as a student.”

I would definitely recommend giving an overnight visit a try! If you have specific questions about life at Rochester, this is a great way to get immersed and talk to a variety of students. You’re bound to get well-rounded and knowledgeable answers. It’s a great way to think deeply about what you want out of your future university, and it will ultimately help you decide which college(s) feel like a good fit for you.

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