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Weekend Getaways

Pittsford Plaza is just like any other ordinary shopping complex for people from the local Rochester area. And a really nice one too, that is. P.S. I heard Trader Joe's is opening up here; so excited!!!!!!


But wait, that's not it. Why would I randomly mention Pittsford Plaza in my blog post if it didn't mean anything? Pittsford Plaza is my newfound gem. It is my weekend escapade extravaganza/study place/food heaven.

Yes. Looking for me on a Sunday? Chances are I'll be found there, with my nose buried in books in the beautiful Barnes & Noble or snacking on chicken dumplings in Wegmans

It's quite difficult to reason why, but getting out every Sunday and away from classes is a welcoming change. There's no one to disturb me and no familiar faces. You'd think it's weird I like spending time in places that are unfamiliar. But ask me why and pat will come my reply: I'm the ultimate city girl. I love exploring new places, undiscovered alleys with beautiful stores and treasured restaurants. And that runs so deep within my blood that anything new and unfamiliar is exciting.

When you attend college on campus, it's natural that some people will get bored of it and want something different. You need a breath of fresh air to get you through the week. Change is good, and after a long week of classes, labs, and lots of hard work, change feels like a really good idea. 

I have lived in Bombay for fourteen years, and Singapore for four years. Both are densely populated, lively, and insane cities in their own way. The culture is urban and fast paced. Rochester is definitely very different, but it has its own beautiful suburban feel and charm. Some people might love escaping the madness of cities and coming to this more peaceful world. Whereas some people might yearn to go back to those city lights. (This always reminds me of the song "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.) I haven't quite decided yet which one I am, but I guess I can say sometimes it's nice to leave the madness behind and have more time to yourself, whereas sometimes you need a fast-paced environment to keep you pumped and going. After all, everyone wants the best of both worlds. And Pittsford Plaza gives me a feel of the fast-paced world I leave behind when I come to college.

And when I say Pittsford Plaza is a mirror of my fast-paced world, I was talking about how busy it is on Sundays. And that reminded me of the crowded streets and families spending a lazy Sunday afternoon shopping for their groceries, and sitting down to a good read in the Barnes & Noble. I feel that when you live on campus in a college community, you tend to live in a shell. You'd be surprised how far away you are from the rest of the world, and you don't realize it until you're outside in that world. When I stepped into the Barnes & Noble, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization of how disconnected I was from the real world—seeing only college mates and keeping track of the latest happenings in college. But then I stepped out, sat down at a table, looked around, soaked in the atmosphere, smiled to myself, and began to read the latest news around the world while sipping a heavenly Starbucks banana-chocolate smoothie . . . and suddenly, my world seemed a whole lot brighter!!

Hey guys . . . there's a whole world out there; don't forget it when you come to college! It can provide a ton of peace, satisfaction, and opportunities for you!! Get out there and discover!

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