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Visit Italy over Spring Break, Study Latin Epigraphy!

For my spring break this year, I decided to visit Rome, Italy. This was possible by taking a two-credit class studying Latin epigraphy through the Department of Religion & Classics here at Rochester. Latin epigraphy can be found all over Italy and especially Rome, as it is nothing but the chiseling, painting, and perhaps encasing, of Latin unto a surface of stone. As you might already know, the Romans were keen to leave their marks behind on all kinds of significant artifacts such as the Colosseum, and so Rome lends itself as an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Romans, their culture, and their methods of writing.

If you’re on the fence on what to do over spring break, consider this program! Here were my top five reasons for why Rome was the best choice for my spring break this year!

The Rochester weather

Although there was no way I could have foreseen this, the Rochester winter was harsh this year. We’ve had so much snow and wind and cold, so seeing a different part of the world reminded me that the sun is still out there, and we should not lose hope of seeing it soon!


Probably needless to say, the food in Italy was amazing. Incredibly cheap for everyday meals, the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that Rome’s markets and little shops offer is truly a sight to behold, and they make the trip not only enjoyable for your eyes, but also for your taste buds!


If you’re looking forward to spring break to get you out of the house, your body moving, and the adrenaline pumping, then this trip has got you covered. Visiting sights to behold like the towns of Ostia Antica and Pompeii. Jumping around on the water stones inlaid in the roads and discovering all the little details still to be found in art on the walls. This trip will leave you with impressions, sights, and sounds you couldn’t dream of.


That is not to say that the trip was only geared toward the risk-takers out there. If you find yourself looking at this program as a way to take a break that was long overdue, Latin epigraphy has got you covered, too. From visiting beautiful gardens and fountains to enjoying a concert, from sipping a cup of espresso to savoring your gelato, my time there was first and foremost a way to get away from all the hectic stress and to admire my surroundings.

Mini study abroad

Lastly, have you thought about studying abroad, and then realized that you could not spare the time? This program is a good alternative to studying abroad for a whole semester since it settles you right into one of Europe’s most historic centers and lets you explore the area for yourself while not taking up too much of your time at the University of Rochester!

Learn more about these opportunities and more from the Department of Religion & Classics.

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