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This Funny Thing Called Time

I'm glancing up from these economics notes. It's 11:20 pm. "Ok, get back to writing them out. Exam tomorrow." Five minutes later, when scarcity slopes and absolute advantages are swimming in the pool of knowledge inside my brain that's been lapping all this up, I've had enough. I glance at the time again. Eleven. Twenty. Two. Really? Ever wonder how time goes by slowly when you want it to rush past? I have, just about every time my brain's been learning how to recognize opportunity costs and marginal analysis. And then at the end of the day, when you look back, you wonder where the time went? It's already nearing the end of the semester! This funny thing called lo—oh wait, I meant to say 'time.'

Has mom not always been telling you, 'Time is precious, my love. Use it wisely!'? Remember when that bout of senioritis hit, high school seniors? Oh wait, it's just kicking in, isn't it? I didn't really give much importance to it when my mom said that—till I came to college, of course. Then . . . time became the center of my universe. 

Of course, I wish I lived in Harry Potter's magical world where I could ask Professor Dumbledore for a Time Turner. But we live in the real world. And time is money. Oh wait, rephrase that: For a college student, I think time is everything. Time is the secret to success.

When deciding to attend one of the best private universities in America, it is extremely important to realize the commitment involved. Organization and time management become some of the keys to success in college. With so many different things to do—classes, homework, extracurriculars, sports, hanging out with friends—the 24 hours of the day will not be enough! And rather than getting overwhelmed with work every Sunday night, it's better to work gradually towards it. It's gonna take away the guilt and stress of not having gotten work done the rest of the weekend then! Of course, it's easier said than done, because who doesn't procrastinate, right? 😉 But these are some words of wisdom upperclassmen would always give you!

1. By all means, it is essential to get involved in extracurriculars and divert attention from continuous academics. But remember not to take on more than you can handle. Test out the waters before you tread too deep into them!
2. This is the hard one for every one of us to follow: Don't procrastinate! But it comes with continuous motivation and practice! Every time that mind gets distracted, go through what you still have left to do and weigh out the options. You know yourself best, after all!
3. Keep that planner. Plan your week and, if possible, month out in advance. Put in exam schedules, classes, extracurriculars, anything and everything. 

Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan. And oh, use that planner because time will fly by and you won't be able to keep track of it! I'm already in my first semester of my second year, and it feels like it was just yesterday when I got here! Make the planner your best friend, always by your side, in good times and bad times!

I hope these words of wisdom come in handy to all you prospective students considering attending the University of Rochester. Feel free to ask upperclassmen for advice; we're always here to guide you. Life can make you laugh, cry, love, and feel all those emotions you never have before. The college journey is one of those few unforgettable moments in life that you can look back on and feel proud of. You can't universally define college as 'hard' or 'easy'—you'll know how to define it when you attend—but I can say that it won't be 'overwhelming' or 'difficult' if you come in with a goal of being on top of your game and on track! And if this scares those students who are still figuring out what to major in, or don't know what to choose as their career path, don't be afraid! I'm still figuring it out. But I do still know that my short-term goal as of now is to do a good job in college and be happy!

As I learned in Religion class about what the Hindus say, Success is destined for all of us; we just have to find that path, shape it, and get on it.

Think about it. . . . After all, this is what college is all about: thinking out of the box and exploring the unknown.

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