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The Tears and Joys of Filmmaking

I got the worst farmer’s tan. My meals consist of donuts, fast food, and caffeinated drinks. My wallet is nearly empty. A day never goes by without arguing with one of my crew members. I guess the film industry is not as glamorous as it seems?
Well, frankly, I DON’T CARE.

Nothing brings me more joy than watching the final product of my film! I instantly forget about the long painful hours that were spent just to make a 10-second scene. I decide to forgive the crew member who was 2 hours late for the shoot. I’m already thinking of ideas for my next film!

I don’t regret not going back home (Korea) this summer. Staying in New York City has taught me so much about filmmaking and the industry. At first, I honestly started out thinking, “This is just a one-time experience. I’ll just give it a try”. Now, I really want to pursue a future in the film industry.

It is the general belief that women don’t work in film unless it’s “visible” such as writing or acting. The men take care of ‘behind-the-scenes’ tasks such as directing, cinematography, editing, etc. In fact, there is one female applicant for every three or four male applicants in films schools. Right now, I don’t know what kind of career I want in film but I’m definitely interested in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ tasks. I guess I like going against the grain.


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