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The Yellowjackets
So if you didn’t hear (which seems to be quite impossible), the University of Rochester’s own all-male a cappella group, the YellowJackets, are on The Sing-Off, NBC’s reality TV show competition. This is the third season, and basically, a cappella groups from all origins, places, and varieties in the nation audition to be on the show. 16 of the best groups who auditioned got chosen to be on the show. And the YellowJackets were one of them! It is unreal, and talking to the members, they agree. They still can’t believe they had this opportunity and can’t express how grateful they are.

The premiere was September 19, and the show is pre-recorded. So they are here at the University of Rochester continuing their studies. They only go back to LA, California, for the live filming of the season finale. But for the premiere, they had a free “party” in Hoyt Auditorium on campus. I love this show, and the group even more, so I made sure to attend. It was amazing. There was so much energy from the YJs and the students, and even local news crews were there. It was amazing seeing them on national television and having them right behind me watching with me. Of course, this amazing group was one of the 14 that got to go on to the next round. Since the show is pre-recorded, they know exactly how far they have made it, so it must be torture knowing and not being able to tell anyone. They are under contract, so they actually can’t say a lot of things to anyone not in the show. As people asked them questions during commercial breaks, many of their answers were “contract,” saying they couldn’t disclose that information. It was actually very humorous. I can’t wait for the coming episodes, and I am so proud that my favorite a cappella group since high school—now my favorite a cappella group from my own University—is on national TV competing among the best a cappella groups in the whole nation. If you want to hear the songs they perform on the show, you can easily go on The Sing-Off‘s website and listen to all of them. They are great!

As I have said before in my blogs, I have idolized the YellowJackets ever since they performed with my high school a cappella group, Jukevox, my sophomore year. I have always wanted to be a part of them, so now that they are back from filming and are at their prime, you better bet I will be auditioning next semester to hopefully be a part of their amazing family. I know a few of the YJs now, and I love how they are a family. Just like Jukevox, they are not only guys in a group who sing together, but they are also best friends, like brothers. As of now, that is what I miss most about high school: the family I had with my a cappella group. But I feel like the YellowJackets are the same in that sense. They are amazing singers, excellent musicians, and wonderful people. I want to be a part of that so badly. And with The Sing-Off, I can’t help but just feel so much joy and pride. I can’t imagine how they must feel.

So make sure you continue watching The Sing-Off, Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Support the YellowJackets and be a part of the adventure we are all following here at the University of Rochester! Meliora!

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