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The Sing-Off Comes to an End for the YJs

Thanks, guys
The University of Rochester's YellowJackets sadly had to call their time on NBC's The Sing-Off to an end after the top six were picked. It was very sad for everyone watching, even fans from all over the nation. Between Facebook, Twitter, and NBC's own blog, it is clear that the YellowJackets are highly missed. Their time on the show, however, was an amazing experience for our Jackets, and they will tell you firsthand how grateful and amazed they are that they had the opportunity. Top seven out of the original sixteen a capella groups is an amazing achievement, especially since these were the top sixteen groups picked from the nation. 
The week they were voted off by the judges, they sang a Billy Joel medley, but they fell short of the others. We have to remember as viewers of the show on national television that what we hear is not exactly what was heard live. It is very close, but as a musician myself, I was confused as to why Ben Folds would say that a group was sharp at a point or the balance was off when I could not tell even a little. This is because the songs are sold on iTunes and the NBC website, so they digitize it to an extent to make it perfect and enjoyable for everyone. But again, what we hear is still close enough to the live performance to know how much we like each group and how we judge their talent on an individual basis.
Billy Joel medley
The YellowJackets also arguably had the best Swan Song (the song a group sings as their final farewell once eliminated), and even this argument was on top sites like Yahoo! top stories. They sang "Tubthumping" ("I get knocked down . . .") but added their own artistic liberties, like saying the judges' names, chiming in the NBC three-note jingle, and a lot of clever phrases. Just the meaning behind the song in general gives a great message about not giving up, and with the new popularity these guys received, it is safe to assume that they are not going to be leaving the music world anytime soon!
swan song
If you are interested in seeing their performances, you can click here to watch a YouTube video that offers a straight run-through of every performance they had. I have watched it multiple times, and every time I get more and more impressed. Even though the YJs were not the judges' top pick, every week, including the week they were eliminated, America voted them their number-one favorite performance. You can see for yourself on the show's website. There is much to be said about this amazing group, and make sure you tune in to the show's finale, when the YJs will be back in LA and most likely performing again, if they keep the same setup as previous seasons! 

We all know how much I love these guys, and although they did not make the final two, they are my favorite group, and I am looking forward to auditions next semester more than ever, no matter how competitive they will be!
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