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Summer Internship: Setting My Foot in the Broadcasting World

Deb Youn, Class of 2012, has been moving back and forth between Korea and the U.S. since she was born, retaining both cultures. This constant traveling led her to major in international relations, as well as English. She’s also pursuing a minor in Chinese. A self-described film junkie, Deb works as a projectionist on campus and has studied filmmaking in NYC.  She hopes to pursue a career in this direction. Deb also loves dancing and is the co-founder of RICE crew, an Asian-interest dance crew on campus.

By Deb Youn

I got a summer internship at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). The competition to get a job here is intense. Every floor is full of the brightest and smartest people who are selected from thousands of people. I’m working extra hard to catch up and not let anyone down!

The first two weeks, I shadowed a documentary production. The picture above is the final editing stage. The series is about a South Korean team that reached the South Pole without using any fuel; solar energy was used instead. No one else has ever successfully completed such a mission. Our main producer, sitting in the middle, is a strong advocate of anything that’s eco-friendly. He’s traveled to almost every tucked-away corner on Earth—mysterious places I’ve never even heard of. He’s a true adventurer and a legacy at SBS.

Recently, I’ve been helping the 2012 New Year’s documentary team. We are almost done in the brainstorming stage and started shooting a few weeks ago. We usually go on a coffee break one or two hours after lunch.

I help the producers and writers search for data and articles, especially English ones that need translation into Korean. I also get to participate in suggesting ideas and casting people. I’m so grateful for my team; they’ve been so helpful and welcoming. Honestly, I thought they would outcast me at first. The staff have become such important mentors to me—just what I need as a soon-to-be college graduate!

Everyone is super busy, so we normally don’t have time to organize our surroundings. But we get our job done and meet deadlines, which is what really matters in this industry.

I got a short tour of the entire building! This is the set of my favorite show, called Animal Farm. Hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets so I can applaud and cheer with the crowd.

You can watch soccer games in 3D. The good thing is you don’t get confused as to whether it’s a goal or a miss, but sometimes it’s scary because the ball seems like it’s going to hit your face.

I think I finally found something I look forward to besides school. The production process is excruciating, but once you see the final cut, all the pain from the stress, the endless all-nighters, and the secret tears in the bathroom disappears.

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