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Students’ favorite dining spots on campus

Hello, fellow campus foodies!

Before coming to the University of Rochester, I was extremely curious about the dining options available, and given the fact that I am someone with minimal culinary skills, I was worried that if the options were limited, I would be forced to learn how to cook. If you’re in the same boat as me, rest assured as there are many options available such as Danforth, Douglass, the Pit, California Rolling, Connections, Grab & Go, Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks, & the Brew. Knowing all these options, I’ve set out on a mission to uncover the most beloved dining spots on campus by chatting with some fellow yellowjackets about their favorite dining spots on campus!

Name: Faizah Ahmed

Favorite dining: Douglass Dining

“Douglass would be my favorite as it is more convenient for my schedule and closer to my classes. The ice cream choices hit different in Douglass and someone taught me how to make coffee with the ice cream there and it’s so good! There’s always something for me to eat there, and the pasta station is always there for me if there are limited options on a certain day. There are also better drink choices than Danforth, such as fruit-infused water.”

Name: Lan Nguyen 

Favorite dining: California Rolling

“My favorite dining spot is California Rolling. It’s a little pricey but it’s freshly made food with delicious ingredients, and it tends to be not too crowded. I highly recommend for a good lunch meal”

Name: Showmick Paul

Favorite dining: Danforth dining

“Danforth dining has always been my go-to if I eat on campus. Their sauté station is my favorite because I can always mix and match my favorite pasta or rice dish. They also change the options quite regularly. One time they had gnocchi which is still my favorite dish from that station.”

Name: Leen Khankan

Favorite dining: Connections and Peet’s Coffee

“The smell of coffee, the undeniably salivating muffins, the cream cheese filled bagels– connections is where the life be at!”


Name: Yousra Awad

Favorite dining: Peet’s Coffee

“It’s in the engineering quad so it’s close to all my classes and I can grab food right before class. They also have a lot of good pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Very cool baristas and the coffee is just *chef’s kiss*! ”



Name: Leka Robb

Favorite dining: None

“My Riverview kitchen because I make good food.”

Name: Albenys Diaz 

Favorite dining: Danforth Dining

“They have a greater variety of food options and their desserts are just amazing.”

Name: Isabella Johnson

Favorite dining: The Pit

“It’s very convenient and perfectly situated near all my classes. If I have a 30-minute gap between classes, I can’t run to Danforth or Douglass and then wait in long lines for food.”

Looking back at these responses, we don’t have an obvious winner, but Peet’s Coffee and Danforth Dining have been our most liked thus far. My personal favorite would definitely be Douglass Dining as it holds so many fond memories for me, I’ve met my favorite people on campus there while having food, so maybe I am a bit biased. The ice cream section will forever be my favorite, and the Alfredo pasta is worth waiting 10 minutes for! There’s always something to eat for everyone on campus– remember, we also have dorm community kitchens/ apartment kitchens so you can always cook your own food if that’s what you prefer! I’ll see you next month, future and current Yellowjackets!

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