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Stories from the Road: “Bonding Over BBQ”

By Bradley Booke

This past week, during a high school visit, I had the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite places in Rochester… Dinosaur BBQ.

The student I was talking with had recently visited Rochester and had been impressed with what he found.  Nothing impressed him more, though, than the culinary delight that is our very own honky-tonk themed, award-winning bbq joint in downtown.  Apart from the succulent beef brisket and pulled pork, the macaroni cheese is so good you weep while you eat it.  The student went on and on about how much he enjoyed its food and ambiance.  I was so focused on what he was saying I didn’t notice the drool gathering at the corner of my mouth.

I quickly gathered myself and we continued to talk about how the restaurant sits atop one of the old entrances of the city’s long since abandoned subway system.  We discussed how no one knows what to do with the series of tunnels underneath the city, but how one of the University’s student groups, “Urban Explorers” has gone down there in the past.  This type of exploration, whether it be for food or fun, is something we encourage all of our students to do.

It just goes to show you, that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’re interested in, one thing binds us together: food. And in this case, good ole fashioned fall-off-the-bone bbq.  I miss home.

Bradley Booke
Midwest Regional Director


Stories from the Road are written by different admissions counselors from the University of Rochester.  As they meet and talk with students from all over the world, they are sharing their experiences here — we ask you to do the same as you embark on your college search.  Best of luck from all of us at the University of Rochester!

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