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Spotlight on Sophomores in Internships

As a college student, a huge part of your experience stems from the euphoria of learning beyond the classroom, and this happens through clubs, cultural festivals, and internships. With the summer internship application season looming, I’ll try to go beyond the typical “How to land an internship!” post.

Taking some time to interview two fellow University of Rochester sophomores, I realized the massive amount of opportunities out there for us as students. It impressed me how our Rochester education enables us to take on jobs in different fields and various depths. Below, I’ll be quoting my fellow sophomores on their summer experiences and their secrets to landing an internship:



Sultan Sabha: I was a mechanical engineering intern at Orbit Consulting Engineers, which is concerned with structural projects from all engineering aspects. I became familiar with the use of several modeling and testing software platforms such as AutoDesk. This great experience gave me an opportunity to visit the construction sites and expand my on-field experience, dealing with various people with different duties.

Personally, I worked on designing the HVAC system for a bank. Doing an internship widened my horizons to different engineering jobs and tracks and helped me discover more about my personal interests. For first-year students, I know it’s challenging to get into an internship, especially since you likely don’t have enough academic experience in your respective fields. Nevertheless, you should plan to get an internship next year to immerse yourself in the industry while gaining experience that expands your knowledge.

Adedeji Emiabata: I interned at United Technologies Corporation as a materials planning/manufacturing engineer. The company manufactures refrigeration systems and generators sets, which are used in truck systems to ship goods across country. Through my twelve-week internship, I was able to put my design skills to use through working on three different projects. I was mainly responsible for designing material delivery carts and designing layouts for material search. All of this was for the new production line the company just bought, auxiliary power unit (APU). During this program, I improved my technical skills and most importantly created a relationship with my coworkers.

During this past summer, I stayed in Rochester and enjoyed my time. I spend the break taking summer courses and working with the university facilities and services. This helped me finish some of my required courses and free up my schedule this year. Additionally, I have a summer job on campus that helps me form a professional network on campus and enjoy Rochester’s summer life.



“My personal secret was networking, which helped me get various internship offers. I try to keep in touch with everyone, including all my professors and coworkers.”

“If I had to choose one source that truly helped me become a competitive candidate, I’d say it’s the help of the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center. I used the Center’s help through requesting a meeting with an adviser to review my resume, cover letter, and prepare for my interviews.”

Finally, you should get your gears turning and start applying to different programs and internships. Remember that it’s all about experience and enjoying the journey! Good luck!

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