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Senior Thesis: Interracial and Interfaith Dating. Thoughts?

By Jeremy Fishman

Hey ya’ll. My apologies for not writing last month. I’ve been extremely busy working on my Senior Thesis, a full length play exploring the nature of intermarriage, its effect on individuals, and ultimately how it challenges the nature of identity and cultural “fact.” Any of your thoughts/personal anecdotes on the subject would be more than welcome!

Interracial and interfaith dating is fascinating, especially for college students. For many of us this is the first time we are away from home and our parents can’t rain fire and brimstone if they catch us smoking a joint or hanging out with friends they don’t background check. It is a time where we can meet people of the opposite sex [god forbid!] from different towns, cultures, and countries.

Does that mean that interracial dating can only be successful in this contained routine of going to class, hanging out, ordering from campusfood, and sleeping? Will the social conventions of the outside come down with a vengeance as soon as caps are thrown in the air? Or have globalization and popular trends infiltrated our romantic lives, making multi-palette couples “chic”? Let me know what you think.

In other news, all is right with the world. The temperature is above 30, Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe (a Rochester cafe) still serves fantastic Mojito Cupcakes, and Conan has a show again! On the downside, the pollen count is abnormally high and finding a summer job in Rochester is nearly impossible.

Three revisions of my resume, seven Craig’s List applications, and three “real” applications, and I am still jobless. Unpaid internships and nepotism seem the only ways to achieve success. The only advice I can give is to keep pushing, pushing, pushing, and seize every opportunity you can. Also, applying for the right job that meets your qualifications is important.

This is your resident senior, Jeremy Fishman, peacing out.

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