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School Spirit, Redefined

Campus life has been a little crazy the past few weeks with my college soccer career coming to an end and coursework picking up toward the end of the semester. Despite my busy schedule, I have really been enjoying the excitement! We had a wonderful night with our teammates, coaches, friends, and family at our Senior Night game. It was our last game of the season which was of course bittersweet. It is hard to imagine my college experience without playing soccer but I know I have many more things to continue to set my sights on. I have learned so much from playing soccer here that have translated into my everyday college experiences, such as the ability to overcome adversity and respond to those situations.

Although our season came to an end, our men's team was given an NCAA play-off bid. Because of our commitment to our University of Rochester athletic family and our strong school spirit, my teammates and I immediately made plans to be at their first playoff game. The picture above is of a group of us supporting our men's team in their first and second rounds of NCAA playoffs last month. Our team's friendships extend past our time on the field. It is important to us to continue to spend time together and support the rest of our friends and classmates in their academic, athletic, and extra-curricular endeavors. There were countless alumni in attendance at the games as well so it was wonderful to be able to catch up with them and see their long-lasting connection with our athletic program and University.


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