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Roommates: I want to meet mine now! I think…

I recently watched the movie The Roommate with my friends. Have you heard of it? It was all right. But hey, I’m not here to be a movie critic. While I was watching it, it got me thinking about my future roommate and the people I will be living with in my dorm. I have been so excited to meet new people! It seems like the perfect life: Surrounded by friends constantly, but also able to escape to your room to sleep or whatever you need; being self-sufficient; having the thrill of living on your own…. Well, it appeals to me!

My friends and I talk a lot about our hopes and fears about roommates: “I hope my roommate likes Grey’s Anatomy”; “I hope my roommate will let me decorate our room how I want”; even “I hope my roommate is hot and will attract hot guys for us.” I have a wide variety of friends…which you can see from that. (These quotes were all from girls, if you were curious.) My two close guy friends seem pretty indifferent about their roommates. But all the girls I hang out with seem to be able to go on and on about the subject. I am more like them. But I am a very accepting person, so I will be happy with anyone I get—though of course everyone hopes for someone who they will get along with.

I know I am social, so I will want to talk and get to know my roommate and the other people I am surrounded by in the dorms. I also hope my roommate likes music, because I listen to it a lot. My IHome will be coming to my room, most definitely. Let’s see… I hope my roommate loves Glee! And TV in general. But Glee is a must. Every Tuesday at 8! Now this might sound picky, but remember, I love pretty much everyone! That’s why the University of Rochester will be so cool, because it tries to be so diverse. And after seeing The Roommate, I don’t think I could complain about a roommate who may not like what I like. At least he wouldn’t be some crazy bipolar psychopath.

Now, these are just my ideas about roommates. I know everyone has different feelings. Some want a lot, some want none at all. Some don’t care, while some may throw a fit if they get someone they don’t want. I just know that I am excited to meet mine! Even after seeing that very creepy movie. I mean, that is a movie for a reason. It can’t be real. …Right? Anyway, I’m counting down the months and days to move-in day! I hope everyone is excited as I am for college and to meet each other!

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