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Rochester Bhangra!

At the University of Rochester, one of my major activities is being a member of the University of Rochester Bhangra Team, a dance group that focuses on the traditional Indian style of dance that originates from the state of Punjab in western India. To give a little bit of background on my organization, UR Bhangra has traveled all over North America competing in some of the most prestigious competitions on the continent. We are the two-time defending champions of Muqabla, a competition hosted by the University of Buffalo. And we just recently found out that we were accepted into a competition in Toronto. So soon enough we'll pack our bags to head up to Canada for, again, one of North America's biggest competitions, TDot! Additionally, we love doing performances all around our beautiful university campus for major events and banquets!

After ten to twelve hours of practice a week, and then hitting the books right after, we've really learned the importance of time management. We love to dance and would not change a thing about it, but it does take a lot of personal management to be successful both as a student and a dancer, which to me is the ultimate priority. As a group, we love to spend time with each other and I'm proud to say my teammates are some of my best friends at the University of Rochester. This top-tier University holds true to its name both academically and with its extracurriculars, which are some of the best from all of the colleges in the Northeast. 

Last April, we traveled to New Jersey to compete in Garden State Bhangra. It was a great experience, and after hours and hours of rigorous practice, we put on a phenomenal performance, which you can watch below. It was actually my first time traveling to New Jersey, and being from California, exploring the east was quite the experience, and I can't wait to go back again!

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