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Pre-College Prom!

So for one of my activities for Session A kids two weeks ago was Pre-College Prom. We decided to have a dance after a man in a local ice cream store asked our group if we were on our way to prom, which sounded strange as it is July. After a lot of planning and running last minute details, Pre-College Prom was official. We had it in Friel Lounge in Susan B. Anthony Hall. It is a great room for smaller events like the size of our group. It has built in projection, sound, and really nice furniture. My favorite feature for the summer is their air conditioning. Nothing really tops that in humid, 90-degree heat.

It was on the Friday night before all Session A kids moved out on Saturday, so I thought it served as a good last activity and goodbye. I was even sad to see my residents go. They were awesome and a lot of fun. I do have new residents form session B, however who have their fair share of awesomeness. The activities we have done with them have also been big hits and a lot of fun.

I am glad that the students in these programs adapted and adjusted fast enough to even ask each other as dates to Pre-College Prom. I respect all of them, and I love how this program turned out. Just like University of Rochester Students, they were all accepting and made friends really fast. I just love how I constantly get little subtle reminders to why I love my school so much.

I wish this program was much longer. I will miss my residents and fellow RA's, and I am definitely going to miss this campus. The time between move out day for Pre-college Programs and Move in Day for freshman fellows is going to be long and agonizing. Next semester cannot come fast enough!

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