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Out and about in the city of Rochester

Rochester has so many great things to offer, such as a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. I am currently a junior which means I’ve had more than enough time to explore the beautiful city over the past 2 years of college. There are a few places that stood out to me and I would love to share them with you so you can visit them when you arrive here!

Highland Park

This beautiful park is situated within the heart of Rochester and is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant gardens. It’s best known for its lilac collection, so if you love lilacs, maybe Rochester’s the place for you! 🙂 I went to the Lilac Festival this year and got to see beautiful lilacs in the shades of purple, white, and pink. A lot of people gather each year to listen to live music, enjoy amazing views, and eat delicious food from local vendors. As you stroll through the gardens, you will also come across artisan markets where you can browse through local art, pottery, jewelry, paintings, etc. The Lilac Festival brings people together to celebrate, so there’s something for everyone there!


Java’s Cafe

Do you like art? What about good coffee? If the answer’s yes & yes, Java’s Cafe might be the right cafe for you! The walls are adorned with different types of art from local artists, everything from portraits to landscapes. I would rate the decorations a 10/10! Aside from the interior, the atmosphere is very welcoming and it’s always buzzing with different types of people. It’s located close to the Eastman School of Music so you’ll find a lot of students there as well. I’ve studied in Java a few times, but I would not recommend studying there if you’re sensitive to loud noise & have trouble focusing in busy places. My go-to order would  be some extra sweet hot chocolate (especially in the winter)!


The ROC Dome Arena

The ROC Dome Arena is situated in Henrietta, which is a suburb of Rochester. This venue has become a hub for a wide range of events, from concerts to expos to sporting events! This place will always have a special place in my heart, especially because the Van Gogh: Immersive Experience toured here and I have always deeply loved art, especially Van Gogh’s art! In short, the Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is a multimedia art exhibition that combines art with cutting-edge technology to create a truly immersive and emotional journey through his life & work! This exhibition tours all over the US so you might be able to catch it in other cities if you’re lucky enough! The exhibition was truly amazing, and I believe I wouldn’t be able to do it justice using words– you should definitely check the exhibition out if you have the chance!


Park Avenue

This is a charming tree-lined street known for its boutiques, cafes, and vibrant atmosphere. You can indulge in some retail therapy, savor a cup of coffee at a local café, or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings! I went there a few times and visited Pittsford Farms Dairy, Locals Only, Sinbad’s, and Magnolia’s Deli & Cafe. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is absolutely lovely!




Frederick Douglass Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge

If you want the best view of the fireworks on the 4th of July, you should stop by here around 10 pm! The fireworks were breathtakingly stunning, and the scenery made it worth all the mosquito bites! The show went on till midnight, and it was worth every minute standing there.









All in all, Rochester is a beautiful place and I could go on forever trying to talk about everything it has to offer! The city is beautiful and it’s easy to go around if you know how to use the city buses properly. Let me know if you do end up visiting these places, and make sure to tell me all about it!


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