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On-Campus Housing: Living in Lovejoy

College is literally a big move for a lot of people. Whether you are moving into an urban or suburban community, out-of-state or upstate, or to a completely different country, college causes big changes in students living situation. If you are a high school senior looking for a place to call home next fall, you are probably doing a lot of research and tours of first-year living areas at various institutions. Here at the University of Rochester, we have a lot of great first-year housing options like Genesee, Susan B. Anthony , or the first-year quad. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. While it’s important to focus on your first year and plan carefully, it is important that you are aware and familiar with each college’s housing policies regarding incoming classes. At the University of Rochester, students are required to live on-campus for two years via the housing policy (meaning your first year and second year).

In this post, I will be introducing and telling you about one of the second year on-campus housing options at the University of Rochester, Lovejoy Hall.

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Lovejoy is an upperclassman housing facility located on the Wilson Quad, which places it very close to the heart of campus. Lovejoy houses about 163 students annually of various backgrounds, majors, and class years. It is comprised of doubles and singles, kitchenettes, and floor lounges to support floor activities and intermingling of students. Lovejoy also has a large laundry/vending area and study areas dedicated to its residents for use 24/7.

Here are some of the things that I love about Lovejoy:

 1. Variety of students

Lovejoy has a lot of different class years living together. It is great to be able to be around people who are more experienced than you and can provide you with guidance and with people whom you can also help with your own experiences. Because of the variety of individuals in Lovejoy, residents have the opportunity to get to know students outside of their discipline, majors, and class year which opens up a lot of opportunities for students to learn and grow from each other.

2. Lots of different types of spaces

Lovejoy has many different areas that students can occupy at any time. If you are looking for a quiet study space, then the first floor has a designated quiet space with whiteboards and long tables for Lovejoy residents to take advantage of. If you want to share a meal with friends, there are booths inside the kitchenettes with a large table and counter space. If you want to catch up on your favorite show or movie, there are TVs in the lounges with plenty of couches and if you want to just collaborate and socialize, there are the round tables in the lounges as well.

3. Location 

Lovejoy is situated on the side of the Wilson Quadrangle, which means it is pretty close to the center of campus. Everything you could possibly need is within a five-minute walk; food at the Pit, socialization at the fraternity and leadership homes, and the footbridge to the next side of the river where you can find off-campus food and shopping opportunities.

I hope that this post has got you thinking about more than just your first year and whether you decide to attend the University of Rochester I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

Good Luck!

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