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New and Improved Athletics Facilities: North and Fauver

North Field

Above is an image of North Field taken this summer. Sorry about the quality, it was taken via my phone.

Over the summer, there were some pretty huge improvements made to our athletic facilities. The aquatic center has been completely redone, Fauver field has been re-turfed and new lighting was added, the baseball field was completely renovated to be turfed, and North Field was overhauled.

These renovations have made a considerable impact on improving training for our soccer team, as well as teams like football, field hockey, baseball, and lacrosse.  With the baseball field being turfed, any team can now hold practice on it.  This doesn't sound like a big deal until we look back to last year, where there was always a battle between about 4 or 5 teams to get time on Fauver.  Teams had to share the field, and this drastically affected training. This also allows more teams to train at a reasonable time, rather than waiting until 9 pm to start training because Fauver was booked. 


Now to North Field.  North has been described by a teammate as "Foosball himmel," which roughly translates to "Soccer Heaven."  The grass is literally perfect, there is a fence and wall to keep all balls from going astray, and is constantly being maintained to keep this high standard.  To say the least, this is a huge improvement.  Before, the grass was patchy and thick, there were thorned bushes just feet off the edge of the field, and no wall or fence to keep the balls from rolling away to the road or trees.  


All of this adds up to giving our school and athletics program some of the best facilities around.  Personally I think these upgrades add to the beautiful university campus.  It is great to see a school that is renowned for its research and its top-notch academics putting in the money and effort to give us such great facilities.  This is what makes this school so well-rounded, and hopefully these new facilities will continue to contribute to our current success, and carry us all the way into the NCAA tournament.


If you want to see more images or get more information, you can go to our Athletic Facilities page.

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