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Never-Ending High School

Okay. Maybe that title is a little overdramatic. But really. I look on the U of R Class of 2015 Facebook page all the time and see how, one by one, more and more kids are getting out of high school and graduating; I am still stuck here. I don’t get out of school until June 14, and graduation isn’t until June 25. It is taking forever! I just want school to be over, and I want summer to start!

New York has to have such late graduation dates because of Regents exams, which are administered through the state in all the core subjects. There are different requirements for different diplomas and such. Relative to AP exams, they are the easiest things ever. But some kids still struggle. The exams are given in the two weeks between the last day of school and graduation. I got ahead of the game and finished all my Regents exams in my first three years of high school, so I am one of the lucky seniors who don’t have to take any of the exams. But I still have to sit around and wait for them to be over before I graduate. And since they are a whole month after AP exams, school still goes on.

I go to school to do nothing, since all of my classes are AP. The only assignments I have gotten are senior requirements, like the research paper and senior portfolio. Very easy stuff. It just seems like busy work though, and my procrastination is at its worst at this point. Remember how I said I was fighting senioritis pretty successfully? Well, now that we are getting 90-degree weather, everyone else in the country is done with school, and I am just coasting along until graduation, I am failing in the fight against the disease. I just want to graduate and join everyone else in summer fun! All of my friends who are in college have come back, and have been back, and we are stuck. Plus, since college starts earlier, this is going to be my shortest summer ever. I am getting out late, and starting early. But you won’t be seeing me complain too much; I am super excited to move in to the University of Rochester! But for now, I just want my summer to start!

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