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My Last High School Summer…

Mixed feelings: I remember in the past how when summer was coming to a close, I would be sad that school was going to be back in session so soon. Summers were always great—sleeping in late, hanging with friends, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. This summer is so much different.

The biggest difference really is that now, as the summer is almost over, I am not dreading move-in day to the University of Rochester at all. In fact, if I could jump to that day right now, I would! For the past year, in all my blogs and even in casual conversations, I always said I was ready for college now. Well, “now” back then and “now” right now are totally different. Back then, I think I was more ready just to be done with high school. And now? Now I think I am definitely ready for college. I am so excited, which is definitely a change since before I never wanted summer to end.

I also feel that this summer was way more productive than fun. Back in the easy days of young teenage life, I would be out every day riding my bike with friends, going out at night to party or even for late-night trips to Denny’s— basically just having fun every day. This summer has had its fun moments. Overall, I would say I have done a lot of fun things; however, relatively speaking, not as much. That is mostly because now I have a job, at Tops (Wegmans’ competition around here—see my Wegmans blog post), and since I am taking a leave of absence for college, they load me up with hours when I work during breaks and summers. So I have been working 6 days a week and lots of hours. In the end, it is great, since we all know how broke the average college student is, and every paycheck helps in that department. But it also has consumed my life. Now, I wake up right before I go to work, work, and then fit in sleep whenever I can. Productive? Very. Fun? Not as much. I am sure any working student can relate here. I mean sure, we love our money, but work can get really, really boring. :-p Yes, I still have hung out with friends, enjoying our last times together before we all go to different schools—but even that can’t stop me being ready to leave. I know college won’t be a time for relaxing; instead, it will probably be way busier than my summer has been now. But the thing is that I am going to be enjoying myself, and that always makes life easier.

Overall, I think this summer has been successful. I have been able to get the things I want, I had a great grad party and a great birthday, and now all that is left to do is buy the last and final needs for college life, and then move-in day! Like I said before, I am ready for it now, as I am sure many of you guys out there are as well, so hopefully these final days in our countdown go by really fast! :-D

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