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Making High School Meaningful: Part Two

We pay attention to rigor when we review your high school transcript.

Your high school transcript is one of the most important documents in your application for admission. Strong grades (which don’t always include A’s, by the way) give admissions officers an idea of your ability to handle academic challenges, a key to success in college. Sometimes, straight A’s point to a student who has not challenged him/herself with honors, AP, or college-level courses. I’m more impressed with a B in a harder course than an A in an easier course. It’s also important to balance your coursework with your cocurricular involvement. Only you can decide what balance is right for you. Don’t review your peers’ rigor and think that’s the right selection for you. A conversation with your school counselor or teachers of rigorous courses can help you understand the demands of a course before you start it. Oh, and don’t forget, some high school transcripts detail your absences, tardiness, exam scores, and teacher comments, particularly in your senior year. More on these other details of your transcript later.

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