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Halloweekend in the Time of Corona

How does one party in the age of COVID? As we enter our fourth, and I’m praying our last, partially distanced/masked/hybrid semester, I see people all around me struggling to find that sweet balance between enough time staying home or the library and getting enough studying done to pass your classes….and going out once in a while for some much needed, relaxing, vaccinated fun. This past weekend was the first time this semester I decided to actually head over to campus to one of the parties being thrown on the Fraternity Quad (the combined factors of being incredibly busy and also getting ready to perform in my first show since October contributed to my lack of party going for the first half of the semester). Fraternities and sororities, special interest housing, and other clubs are opening up their basements, floors, and on-campus spaces to host a whole plethora of events.

My Halloweekend night started with having some snacks and putting on costumes with my roommates at our house off-campus. This was a great way to start the night because we got to show off our costumes to each other before masks and jackets were required, got to blast whatever music we wanted in our living room and dance along, and stuff our faces with chili-cheddar popcorn. The biggest downfall of this plan was that it was pouring absolute buckets that night. Even wearing rain boots, a raincoat, and taking my umbrella, we did all show up less than 100% dry. Good news, the excitement of the party took up far more of my focus.

I ended up spending my night out at just one party – the Drama House Halloween party. Since I am an associate member of the house, it was an easy decision. All of my friends were working it, and I chatted with them as they dolled out fun mocktails made with apple cider, cranberry juice, and 7-up, topped off with fun flavored syrups. I love Halloween parties because the element of costumes makes things so much more interesting – I saw an Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit, elves, power rangers, quite a few members of the Adams family, and several others I couldn’t name.

Lastly, the MUSIC!!!! This is only the second concert I’ve been to since the start of the pandemic, and it was actually from the same band – the on-campus music group No Jackets Required (NJR). Seeing them at their own show a few weeks ago was a little bit of a surreal experience, being in a crowd dancing and jamming along with my friends almost felt like something a bit out of a dream. The Halloween party was no different, and maybe even a bit more exciting, given the extra special occasion.

It’s been really nice to have social events coming increasingly back into fashion as time moves on. Birthday parties, labor day weekends, mini-golf, bowling, and more, people are thrilled to be getting back into the swing of socializing again. I won’t lie to you, it is a bit awkward at first – after all we have spent months upon months mainly meeting up with friends through the intermediary of laptop and phone screens, but once you get past that, it really is just like old times.

And if any of you were wondering, my Halloween costume is an existential crisis. That’s living the senior life for you!



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