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First Week Back, The Summary

back in roc

Back in Rochester!

After enduring one of the hottest summers in Korea, I'm looking forward to the chills in Rochester this semester. I usually come to school a week before classes start in order to help out with Freshmen Orientation. Also, the fall breeze that starts around this time is amazing. It makes me even more excited about the new school year. Yay TAKE Five

back to school

I'm really jetlagged (US-KOREA 11 hr difference) so I stayed up all night unpacking as soon as I got back. People are usually startled when they see my room for the first time: Pink? Flower sheets?  Really?!  
Shrugs. I maintain a bit of a manly(?) reputation on campus so I guess this is how I let out my girly side. 

Midnight snack at Jay's Diner. I missed this so much~ My doctor would certainly raise an eyebrow but my roommate and I always bond over high-cholesterol breakfast food after late-night dance practice. We usually have our 'What am I doing with my life' conversations here. I'm pretty sure the waiter knows our entire life story. 

I helped my RA friend decorate her hall with Pokemon. Last year she picked Lady Gaga as her hall theme but decided to give more individuality to the residents this year.  We even wrote each pokemon's special ability below the resident's name (not in picture). 

(UR Bhangra opened for this year's Celebrate Diversity Show.)

You can get a taste of UR cultural performance groups at the Annual Celebrate Diversity show during Freshmen Orientation. I never miss this show. I remember being so awestruck by all the performances as a freshmen. This is how I started dancing in college! Celebrate Diversity has become so popular that now there are two shows on the same evening. 

Campus Times did a special Freshmen Orientation edition this week. I can't believe I was a U of R student for 4 years and I was stuck on some of these puzzles. My friends helped me fill out  #14. The Nipple of Knowledge and #10. The site of many economics lectures. By the way, can anyone figure out #9. Who isn't majoring in it? ? I filled in BCS just because that was the only major that I could think of that ends with an S. 

Sunday brunch is always dimsum at Cantonese House. (You can check out my previous blog about my off-campus slurge eats in Rochester: I always bump into someone I know here. Last time, I saw my Chinese professor. My favorite is the congee, white rice porridge with fried dough on top. 

I got a ride to Eastview Mall on Sunday! This is a treat I only get few times a year. The mall is 20-30 minutes away from campus and you can pretty much find every store you can't find in Rochester. 

I was KASA's Vice President last year but retired in order to focus more on my post-grad plans and academics this year. I still help out with their events though. 

Classes begin on Friday and I'm really looking forward to my fifth year! 
Hopefully senioritis (or should I say TAKE Five-ritis) won't kick in. 

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