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Fight to the Top *Update*

Jonathan Vazquez is stepping out in the spotlight these days and with good reason.  His story of hard work and accomplishment is an example that anyone could learn from.   A week after the University of Rochester officially honored its commitment to the Geneva Boxing Team, Rochester’s local news station, 13 WHAM News, ran a wonderful story at the 11′oclock hour.  For anyone who was fast asleep or tuned into reruns of Seinfeld, we have the story.  Click on either of the links below to read the full web article or to watch the segment that aired called Boxing his way to Fame.

Boxing his way to a scholarship (full web article)

Geneva, N.Y. — A young man from Newark, Wayne County leaves little doubt in anyone’s mind that a $40,000 scholarship to the University of Rochester is money well spent.  With a dedication and skill Jonathan Vazquez, 20, works the ring jabbing, ducking, jabbing, bobbing, swiftly and effortlessly gliding across the ring…

Boxing his way to fame / 11 pm Anchor: Ginny Ryan (13 Wham News)



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