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End of Season Wrap-Up

So, yeah . . . It has taken me a little while to give an end-of-season report due to miscellaneous reasons, mainly sulking over how the season ended. So we made the tournament and won our first game against Misericordia in penalty kicks. We had a great performance, absolutely dominated, but just had a little trouble around the goal, missing easy goals and hitting the post/crossbar 4-5 times. 

Now on to the second game against Susquehanna, the host team. Having a performance similar to that against Misericordia, we found ourselves in command of the game, just lacking that final finishing touch. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, we allow a goal with seven seconds left in the first half, on what can be described as nothing but a fluke. Regardless, we had the whole second half to get that one goal to tie it up. Unfortunately, we continued pummeling the opponent, drastically outshooting and out-possessing them, but again we found the post and crossbar (including hitting the crossbar with about 20 seconds left in the game) instead of the net. That is where our season ended.

You may wonder . . . what do they do when their season is done? Well, other than everyone going back to their engineering or their undergraduate research or maybe an on-campus job, we play and we lift. We constantly are in season. Since the season has been over, we have been hitting the weights and playing small sided games consistently.  We have no doubt that we have the ability to be a top tier university, and we plan on making that happen.

Next year we return a lot of talented players including the team's two leading scorers, Jack Thesing and Alex Swanger. We also return talented midfielders in Ben Keeton, Nick Pastore, Max Fan, Shane Dobles, and Seth Davis Brown. Lastly, we return a key defender in Andrew Sheridan.

With a great recruiting class coming in as well as a lot of hungry, talented players returning, we have extremely high expectations for next season, including a deep run in the tournament.

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