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Dear Freshmen

Six vantage points

Most high school students think their identity crisis is going to end once they're in college, but the confusion actually lingers. You have to choose your major, decide where you're going to live, select your roommates. . . . Endless dilemmas!


College is going to throw even more questions and options at you. Think of yourself as a canvas for splash painting. At first you honestly don't know what the heck the artwork means, but the end product is a masterpiece.


Number 8. (1949) Jackson Pollack.
Oil, enamel, and aluminum paint on canvas; Neauberger Museum.

You'll start to realize that no one is the same person every year especially in college. It's actually healthier to reinvent yourself once in a while.  To be honest, when I think of the person I used to be freshmen year, it makes me cringe out of embarrassment. However even if I can do it all over again, I wouldn't change anything. I tripped, fell, but got back up again. (Replay.)

Some suggestions for making the most out of college: 

  1. Travel as much as you can, even if it's a neighboring city or state. Even better: STUDY ABROAD. Get a huge culture shock.
  2. Learn how to present yourself in a crowd and impress (e.g., give a remarkable research presentation, join a dance group and perform on stage, or make a fashion statement. You choose how.).
  3. Become friends with a student not from your country. Learn a new language if you have the time.
  4. Find a reliable mentor.
  5. Don't waste your entire summer 'just chilling.'
  6. If you have a Facebook/YouTube addiction (Let's be honest here), CURE IT. When I find myself on Facebook 24/7, I usually deactivate it until I get over the withdrawal symptoms.


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