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Attend the ICAN Succeed Bootcamp

by Burt Nadler, Pre-College Programs instructor

Seeking to connect career curiosities to potential college majors? Eager to learn about college admissions? Ready to visit or already visiting colleges?

Pre-College classroom

Attend the ICAN Succeed Bootcamp as part of Pre-College Programs to learn how to:

  • Expedite actions and nurture attitudes that yield college admissions and career success
  • Maximize college target list creation, essay writing, and pre- and post-visit undertakings
  • Conduct goal exploration and articulation and recognize major and career connections
  • Learn secrets and tips only a higher education professional with 30 years of experience can share
  • Enhance cyber-sleuthing skills each session 

I’ll be your “drill instructor,” Burt Nadler. I was the career and internship center director at the University of Rochester from 1998 through 2015. Prior, I was a career services or college relations and recruiting professional at University of the Pacific, Dartmouth, and Southern Methodist University; a management consulting firm, and Merrill Lynch Consumer Markets. Those I teach, coach, and counsel learn easy to follow steps and easy to accept attitudes, acronyms, and alliterations.

Posting, Places, People, Program, and Project strategies yield desired outcomes. Field, Function, and Firm answers to career goal queries, and finding someone who CARES (offers Consideration, Advice, Referrals, Education, and Support) generate readiness for Internship, Career, Admissions, and Networking (ICAN) success.


Decades within college career services taught me that students who can express career and skills goals early are more likely to succeed and maximize achievements. Can you: state your fields, functions and firms of interest; connect majors or simply courses to field and function specific roles; identify project focused courses that will generate evidence of your capabilities; and cite top ten firms you may wish to intern or work for?

Those who complete the ICAN Bootcamp can!

Register for this interactive and cyber-sleuthing course so you can boost your potential to be admitted to your top choice schools and excel when enrolled and, most important, become goal articulate and capable of setting academic as well as experiential strategies moving forward. ICAN is an acronym (Internships, Careers, Admission, Networking and more); an affirmation of positivity; as well as a series of easy-to-remember and -follow actions.

Apply to Pre-College Programs today!

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