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Advice from the class of 2024

Whether you are starting college this fall or entering your senior year, feeling uncertain about the next phase of your life is completely normal. You are in the same boat as many other students on campus. To help us navigate this unknown path, I interviewed members of the Class of 2024 to gain advice on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in our college careers.

Starting light, many graduating seniors said it’s essential to come in with your desired aesthetic! College is a space for self-exploration and discovery, however, you should have some ideas of how you want your life to look. This could mean figuring out your desired clothing style, study techniques, and time management skills early on in your college career. Having some foundation will allow you to build on the aesthetic and add things for improvements.

The biggest advice I received about doing well in classes was to figure out how to study for each class. The methods you use for Biology won’t be the same for Intro to Programming. Talking to your TAs to understand the professor’s teaching style and what study methods worked for them can give you an edge on how to get started.

Many students also shared a strong passion for education abroad! Hana is a graduating senior studying Computer Science and Art and she said, studying abroad had a huge impact on her college experience and her views on life. Going to a different country and immersing yourself in the culture changes how you think about life and allows you to live a life outside of the college bubble. She suggested everyone do a study abroad program if possible!

Depending on your major gaining experience in your desired field can go a long way toward securing a job after college. Attending an R1 institution there is definitely the pressure to do research as soon as you land foot on campus. For certain majors that’s what is required however, it’s not the only way. If you are looking to go into the corporate world, focus on gaining experience in your desired industry and building a network. “It’s ideal to have both research and industry experience but always prioritize what you want to pursue post Graduation,” said Bobby, studying Financial Economics.

The reason many seniors emphasized gaining experience in your desired field is for you to understand what it’s really like working a certain job. Clarice studying history and political science shared her experiences of coming to college as a pre-law student, interning at a law firm, and not liking the experience and pursuing something different. “The earlier you figure out what you want to pursue, the more time you will have to gain experience in that field.” However, no experience is a waste, you will learn something and have a story to tell.

By talking to the seniors, I have learned college passes in the blink of an eye. The countless all-nighters and class-related stress become nothing but a glimpse of the past. It’s the memories people hold on to and tell stories about even after the journey ends. Hopefully, these pieces of advice will help you make memories you cherish and many stories to tell people after college!

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