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A Weekend to Remember

Just by the simple fact that I attend the U of R tells you that I am not a slacker.  I paid my dues in high school and went way beyond what anyone expected of me. That aside, I also need to add that I’m not a stick in the mud. No sir. I get almost perfect grades, I do my homework, I go to class, basically, I do what is required of me. During the week, that’s who I am, if I’m awake. But once I get back from Partners in Reading on Friday afternoons, the amount of the responsibility in me drops to almost nothing and it’s time to enjoy my weekend!  So here is what happened this weekend…


7 pm- I went to Hoyt Auditorium to watch The Princess and the Frog. UR Cinema Group shows movies regularly for the students, some movies are $2 and others are free.
10 pm- Me and a few friends, including my roommate Sarah, start getting dressed for a big party at a gay club in the city called Tilt. My friend JJ turned 21 and rented out the club for his party. The tickets were $10 each and %100 of the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. So actually, it was kind of irresponsible not to go. Because all of JJ’s guests were car-less, we went to the ITS to catch a bus to Tilt.   It was a short ride there and we checked in at the front where they gave bracelets to the guests.  Two giant X’s marked the hands of those who were under 21. No underage drinking here. The dance floor was tiled in black and white, the strobe lights and lasers flashed off the giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling and there was a raised section of the dance floor with cages on the sides. Yes, that’s right, there was cage dancing. We danced and hung out for a few hours, having a blast. The last bus to ITS left around 1am, so we got home around 1:15am. We got back to my room, changed into some comfortable clothes, and completely chowed down on some pre-ordered Chinese food and watched Kim Possible until we passed out around 4am.


11 am- We woke up and got dressed real quick to catch the first bus to Target and Best Buy. Sarah and I had some shopping to do. On Saturday, the green line bus route runs to a bunch of shopping centers and marketplace mall. We shop, we chill. She went back to campus and I spent a little more time at the mall, shopping and playing with puppies at the pet store.

8 pm- So my roommate is in a belly dancing club –Sihir- they happened to have a performance on this day. A few minutes before it starts, I went to Wilson Commons and up to the May Room. I paid my $5 and sit to watch the show.
10 pm- After the show, both of us get dressed for a costume party later that night.  Our attire; black tank tops and jingly hip scarves. Before the party, we stopped by one of the fraternity houses on campus for a 90s party where they played fantastic 90s music and we danced and hung out for a while.
12 am- House party. Purim party. It’s one of those parties where people are just kind of milling around talking, making new friends. As more people show up, there begins to be dancing and picture taking.
2 am- We head back to the dorms to pass out.

This was a busy weekend with a lot going on.  Most of the time my friends and I like to hang out at Chi Phi–an off campus frat house- on Fridays and ZAM –on campus frat- on Saturdays. To get into most of the parties, all you need is a U of R ID. Very rarely is there a cover charge, but sometimes there is. When you go to a party, you get an X on your hand to signal that you’re underage and cannot drink. So I guess you could say this is a glimspe into what my weekends are like.

Although the U of R is known for its academics, we aren’t a boring school. There’s always something to do on the weekends, and all of this is just on campus.

Now, I have midterm papers I need to work on, so I’ll catch you later.

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