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4 Things to Look Forward to

There are lots of things that are great about being home, but there are also tons of things to enjoy at Rochester. Below are a list of things (in no particular order) to keep both new and returning students going as the new academic year begins.

1. Free food

Who doesn’t love free food? One of the cool things about college is that it’s all over the place! From general interest meetings at the beginning of each semester to events throughout the year, free food is just about everywhere. To get in on the action, join UR Foodshare on Facebook for updates on food leftover from events that you can get in on.

2. Social events

I don’t know about you all, but when I was home I did not attend many sizeable social events. Maybe it’s because my friends from high school kind of all went their separate ways, maybe it’s because I was working full time, or maybe it’s because social stuff typically costs money, but whatever it was, none of those things are relevant on campus. A lot of the social events going on here are free (or cheap) and happening all the time. Take your pick based on your interests: movies in Hoyt on Friday nights, house partys on Saturdays, soccer on Sundays, whatever suits your fancy.

3. Independence

College presents itself with what is to some a gift and to others a curse: a large amount of scheduling flexibility. Even with classes and club meetings, there are still many hours to fill with other stuff. You get to choose how to spend your time, which I think is a wonderful thing. Plus, although we all love our parents, isn’t it nice to not feel like you have to report to somebody about where you’re going and when you’ll be home? (Mom, Dad, don’t take that the wrong way!)

4. Studying what interests you

One of the things I least enjoyed prior to coming to college was having to take year after year of classes in subjects that didn’t interest me. It has been refreshing to be able to only sign up for classes that I want to take, with a just a couple exceptions for major/minor requirements. I have enjoyed every class I’ve taken so far because they all relate to psychology and business, both of which interest me. Although I haven’t started taking classes for my environmental humanities cluster, I’m super excited for those classes!

What are you looking forward to at Rochester this year?

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